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Bierton Particular Baptists

A Society of Particular Baptists was formed in England, in 1831 whose Articles of Religion were recorded and set out in our Trust Deed for the Bierton Chapel/School Room. The Trust deed defines this Society as the Church. This document is lodged with the Land Registry under Title BM30531 And may be viewed (Click to view) at the link at the bottom of this video.

There is also a useful Wikipedia entry entitled, Bierton None Conformist place of worship (Click to view) and accessed by the link at the bottom of this video.

Bierton Particular Baptists have continued since the closer of the Bierton Chapel, in 2002 , by the sole remaining member of the Bierton Church Mr David Clarke who is its Director, now located in Fareham, Hampshire, PO14 3AE United Kingdom.

Directors Role and Work

The work of Bierton Particular baptists continues under the direction David who is a sent minister of the Bierton Church. David joined the Bierton Church in 1976 who was called by the Lord and sent by the church to preach the gospel, in 1982. His commission was to go where ever the Lord opened the door to preach.

A full account of his call and work may be view, Bierton Strict and Particular Baptists (Click to view)

And, The Bierton Crisis (1984) (Click to view)

The work of the ministry is to publish and provide educational materials.

Bierton Particular Baptists also overseas the publication of, Christian Times Magazine, the encourages Christians to submit articles for international publication.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Bierton Particular Baptists is to preach, teach and promote the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, as set out in our Article of Religion.

To equip ministers with education materials and teaching and encourage them their work.

To encourage the founding of local churches.

Our Method

To present the gospel of Christ through preaching engagements

To publish literature books and other publications

To publish video and audio presentations

To supervise our extend work at home and abroad

To advise and direct in all technical aspects of the ministry

Interaction and Involvement

For those who can offer their help and would like to be involved or to write for our Christian Times Magazine, please contact us. We currently have persons working in Pakistan, USA, and Finland.


We are located at:

Bierton Particular Baptists

Office 11 Hayling Close


Hampshire PO143AE

Publication List

Please view our extensive list of just some of our publications accessed via the link at the bottom of this video.

All our publications are available free of charge alternatively hard copies may be purchased from or

Bierton Strict And Particular Baptists

The autobiography and testimony of David Clarke

The Bierton Crisis

The history and defence of particular redemption

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

An objection to the appointment of Women Elders

A Body of Doctrinal Divinity Book 1

John Gill

A Body of Doctrinal Divinity Books II,III,IV By John Gill  

John Gill

A Body Of Practical Divinity by John Gill Books I and II

The first and second books of John Gills book of Practical Divinity

A Body of Practical Divinity, Books III,IV & V By John Gill

The third, forth and fifth books by John Gill

A Body of Doctrinal Divinity Book VII By John Gill  

The seventh book by John Gill

Difficulties Associated With Articles Of Religion

The subject of Articles of Religion are discussed by David Clarke

A Practical Discourse On The Sovereignty Of God

A discourse on the sovereignty of God by Elisha Coles

The Kingdom God Taken By Prayer

Classic by William Huntington

The Total Depravity of Man

Arthur Pink

The Sovereignty Of God

Arthor Pink

Table Talk

Martin Luther

The Cause of God and Truth 4

John Gill

The Cause of God and Truth 3

John Gill

The Cause of God And Truth 2

John Gill

The Cause of God and Truth 1

John Gill

The Parousia

James Stuart Russell

Trojan Warriors

David Clarke

The West and The Quran

David Clarke

Bierton Particular Baptists Pakistan: Our History

David Clarke

Christian Times Magazine

Anil Anwar

Sermons and Video Publications

Of The Holy Scriptures

John Gill

Total Depravity

John Gill

Prophecies with respect to the Messiah

John Gill

Justification By Faith

John Gill


John Gill

Of Satisfaction

John Gill

Objects of Redemption

John Gill

Of Adoption

John Gill

A Body of Doctrinal Divinity

John Gill

The Cause OF God and Truth

John Gill

London Baptists Confession 2nd Edition

David Clarke

Bierton Particular Baptists

David Clarke

Bierton Hymns and Meetings

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

History of Christianity

The City Of God


The Bondage of The Will

Martin Luther

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