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A Difficulty Over Articles Of ReligionBierton Particular Baptist ChurchAuthors TestimonyBierton Particular Baptists HistoryWritten From Experience1 First London Particular Baptist Confession 1646The Development of Articles Of ReligionAct of TolerationAdditions That Are Wrong2 London Baptist Confession 1689Notes on The London Baptists Confession 16893 Bierton Particular Baptists Article of Religion, 1831Difficulties Over Articles of ReligionNotes on Bierton Particular Baptists 18314 The Gospel Standard Articles of Religion 1878Observations of the Gospel Standard Articles of religionLetter to Mr Role’s of Luton Added Articles My comments Article 32The Difficulties Of these Articles ProvedSerious Doctrinal Errors Held Recommendation for Serious Minded5 Bierton Particular Baptists Pakistan 20166 Added Articles of the Gospel StandardGospel Standard 31 Articles7 Other Publications