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1.IntroductionArticle of Religion ImportantAuthors TestimonyA Difficulty over Articles of ReligionWritten From Experience2. London Baptist Confession of Faith2nd Edition, 16461. The Lord Our God Is But One God, 2. In This Divine And Infinite Being 3. God Hath Decreed In Himself, 4. In The Beginning God Made All Things 5. God In His Infinite Power And Wisdom, 6. The Elect Being Loved Of God 7. And This Is Life Eternal, 8. The Rule Of This Knowledge, 9. The Lord Jesus Christ,10. Jesus Christ Is Made The Mediator 11. Unto This Office He Was Appointed By God From Everlasting12. Concerning His Mediatorship, 13. This Office To Be Mediator, 14. This Office To Which Christ Is Called, 15. Concerning The Prophecy Of Christ, 16. That He Might Be A Prophet Blood He Himself likewise took part with them, Heb.2:14. Seed of Abraham, verse 16. Flesh. Eph.5:30. Sanctified are all of one. Heb.2:11. See Acts 3:22; Deut.18:15 Heb.1:1.17. Concerning His Priesthood, 18. This Priesthood Was Not Legal 19. Concerning His Kingly Office, 20.
This His Kingly Power Shall Be More 21. Jesus Christ By His Death Did Purchase 22. Faith Is The Gift Of God, 23. All Those That Have This Precious Faith 24. Faith Is Ordinarily Begotten 25. The Preaching Of The Gospel 26. The Same Power That Converts 27. All Believers Are By Christ United To God; 28. Those That Have Union With Christ, 29. All Believers Are A Holy And Sanctified 30. All Believers Through The Knowledge 31. All Believers In The Time Of This Life32. The Only Strength By Which The Saints 33. Jesus Christ Hath Here On Earth 34. To This Church He Hath 35. And All His Servants Of All Estates 36. Being Thus Joined, Every Church 37. That The Ministers Lawfully Called, 38. The Ministers Of Christ Ought To Have 39. Baptism Is An Ordinance 40. That The Way And Manner 41. The Person Designed By Christ 42. Christ Hath Likewise Given Power 43. And Every Particular Member 44. Christ For The Keeping Of This Church 45. Also Such To Whom God Hath Given 46. Thus Being Rightly Gathered, 47. And Although The Particular Congregations 48.
 A Civil Magistracy 49. But In Case We Find Not 50. It Is Lawful For A Christian To Be A Magistrate Or Civil Officer; 51. We Are To Give Unto All Men 52. There Shall Be A Resurrection Observations3. The London Baptists Confession 1689Articles 16891. Of The Holy Scriptures2. Of God And Of The Holy Trinity3. Of God’s Decree4. Of Creation5 Of Divine Providence6. Of The Fall Of ManOf Sin, And Of The Punishment Thereof7. Of God’s Covenant8. Of Christ The Mediator9. Of Free Will10. Of Effectual Calling11. Of Justification12. Of Adoption13. Of Sanctification14. Of Saving Faith15. Of Repentance Unto Life And Salvation16. Of Good Works17. Of The Perseverance Of The Saints18. Of The Assurance Of Grace And Salvation19. Of The Law Of God20. Of The Gospel And Of The Extent Of The Grace Thereof21. Of Christian Liberty And Liberty Of Conscience22. Of Religious Worship And The Sabbath Day23. Of Lawful Oaths And Vows24. Of The Civil Magistrate25. Of Marriage26. Of The Church27. Of The Communion Of The Saints28. Of Baptism And The Lord’s Supper29. Of Baptism30. Of The Lord’s Supper31. Of The State Of Man After Death, And Of The Resurrection Of The Dead32. Of The Last JudgmentAuthors Observation4. Bierton Particular Baptists Article of Religion18311. Of The Holy Scriptures2. Of Predestination3. Of Total Depravity4. Of The Incarnation And Work Of Christ5. Or The Redemption And Spirital Blessings For The Elect6. Of Justification By Imputed Righteousness7. Of Regeneration, conversion and sanctification8. Final Perseverance9. Of the Resurrection and final judgement11. Of Baptism And Church Membership5. The Gospel Standard Articles of Religion 1878Articles Gospel Standard 18781. The Holy Scriptures2. The Trinity3. The Everlasting Love Of God; Election Predestination; Adoption; And The Eternal Covenant Of Grace4. The Fall Of Man5. The Sacred Humanity Of The Lord Jesus Christ And His Offices As Mediator, Surety And Substitute6. Particular Redemption7. Imputed Righteousness; Justification; And Pardon8. Regeneration9. Conviction Of Sin; Believing In Christ; And Final Perseverance10. Spiritual Death And Spiritual Life11. Man Unable To Perform Spiritual Good Works Until He Is Called By Grace12. Effectual Calling; The Application Of The Law; And The Manifestation Of Mercy And Pardon13. The Effects Of Faith14. The Resurrection Of The Body; And Eternal Glory Or Damnation15. Baptism And The Lord’s Supper16. The Gospel, Not The Law, The Believer’s Rule Of Conduct18. Baptismal Regeneration Denied19. Sanctification20. Growth in grace21. Indwelling Sin22. Backsliding And Chastening23. Final Perseverance24. Gospel Invitations26. Duty Faith And Duty Repentance Denied27. The Non-Elect Incapable Of Receiving Grace28. Baxterianism Denied29. Indiscriminate Offers Of Grace Denied30. Christ’s Glorified Body31. Annihilation Of The Wicked Denied32. Preaching Of The Gospel (Apostolic Uniqueness)33. Preaching To The Unconverted34. Preaching Of The Gospel (Exhorting The Unregenerate)35. Degrees Of FaithDeclaration (Especially for church members)Church RulesAdmittance Into Church MembershipThe PastorateDisciplineChurch MeetingsVisitorsCessation Of MembershipSanctioning A Member To PreachAuthors Observations6. Serious Difficulties Over Articles Of ReligionGospel Standard 31 ArticlesWilliam WilemanGospel Standard MagazineTrust DeedsJ.K. Popham on Trust Deeds7. The Secret History Of The Four “Added Articles ” Added Articles:Only Person LivingSub Editor Gospel StandardMr. Hazelrigg’s OppositionMr. Hemington’s OppositionDeed of Gift threat to with drawSummeryAnnotations And References Authors ConclusionOther Matters7. Appendix 1. The Gentile Believer and the Law8. Appendix 2. The Sabbath 9. Other PublicationsBierton Particular Baptists PakistanThe Bierton CrisisThe ParousiaMary, Mary Quite Contrary