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1 The Argument From Apostolic Tradition, In Favour Of Infant Baptism2 An Answer To A Welsh Clergyman’s Twenty Arguments In Favour Of Infant-Baptism3 Antipaedobaptism; Or Infant-Baptism An Innovation4 A Reply To A Defense Of The Divine Right Of Infant Baptism5 Some Strictures On Mr. Bostwick’s Fair And Rational Vindication Of The Right Of Infants To The Ordinance Of Baptism6 Infant Baptism: Part & Pillar Of Popery7 A Dissertation Concerning The Baptism Of Jewish ProselytesChapter 1 Of The Various Sorts Of Proselytes Among The JewsChapter 2 The Occasion Of This DissertationChapter 3 The Proof Of The Baptism Of Jewish Proselytes Inquired IntoChapter 4 The Proof Of This Custom Only From The Talmuds And Talmudical WrittersChapter 5 The Reasons Why Christian Baptism Is Not Founded On, And Taken From, The Pretended Jewish Baptism Of Israelites And Proselytes8 The Duty Of A Pastor To His People9 The Work Of A Gospel Minister Recommended To Consideration.10 The Doctrine Of The Cherubim Opened And Explained.11 The Form Of Sound Words To Be Held Fast A Charge,12 The Faithful Minister Of Christ Crowned.Bierton Strict and Particular BaptistsA Body of Doctrinal Divinity Book The Cause of God And Truth, Part 1The ParousiaDifficulties Associated With Articles Of ReligionAmong Particular Baptists: Second EditionChrist Alone Exalted: Volume 1The City Of God: The Certain Efficacy of The Death Of Christ, Assurteda