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SERMONS ANDContentsThe Argument From Apostolic Tradition, In Favour Of Infant BaptismAn Answer To A Welsh Clergyman’s Twenty Arguments In Favour Of Infant-BaptismAntipaedobaptism; Or Infant-Baptism An InnovationA Reply To A Defense Of The Divine Right Of Infant BaptismSome Strictures On Mr. Bostwick’s Fair And Rational Vindication Of The Right Of Infants To The Ordinance Of BaptismInfant Baptism: Part & Pillar Of PoperyA Dissertation Concerning The Baptism Of Jewish ProselytesChapter 1 Of The Various Sorts Of Proselytes Among The JewsChapter 2 The Occasion Of This DissertationChapter 3 The Proof Of The Baptism Of Jewish Proselytes Inquired IntoChapter 4 The Proof Of This Custom Only From The Talmuds And Talmudical WrittersChapter 5 The Reasons Why Christian Baptism Is Not Founded On, And Taken From, The Pretended Jewish Baptism Of Israelites And ProselytesThe Duty Of A Pastor To His PeopleThe Work Of A Gospel Minister Recommended To Consideration.The Doctrine Of The Cherubim Opened And Explained.The Form Of Sound Words To Be Held Fast A Charge,The Faithful Minister Of Christ Crowned.Bierton Strict and Particular BaptistsA Body of Doctrinal Divinity BookThe Cause of God And Truth, Part 1The ParousiaDifficulties Associated With Articles Of ReligionAmong Particular Baptists: Second EditionChrist Alone Exalted: Volume 1The City Of God:The Certain Efficacy of The Death Of Christ, Assurted