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A Foreword by Malcolm KirkhamB Foreword Dr Philip FlemingC Foreword Gregg HaslamD Foreword Samuel NtoyimondoA True Story1 Confession to 24 CrimesTestimony of Barry CrownTestimony of Cyril BryanTestimony of Mr E ConnetI Speak In CourtThe Bucks Herald Weekly PaperSeeking TruthVoice Of ChristDifficultyI Tell My Story2 My Early LifeSt Barnabus SchoolOldham3 Garston Infant School German TeacherDavid And The HamsterCongregational Sunday SchoolCecil The Sissy And Air PistolWrexham HolidayThe Fair Ground, Stolen BikeA Stolen Crystal SetStealing Radio EquipmentA Visit From The Police4 Senior Secondary SchoolsMichael and BoxingMy Visit to SohoOur Move To WilstoneKeeping Myself BusyI Ride A 350 cc TriumphThe Big Freeze 1962Short Stay Back To WatfordMy First Matchbox Radio5 Aylesbury: Our new HomeDavid’s Do It Your Self-kartI Steel Push BikesI Meet Mrs Grace KnightMy teenage years leaving SchoolConversation On The IntercomA Confident 15 year oldA Holiday in Newquay6 Our Rock Group Steal An Amplifier from A Catholic ChurchThe Fowler Mean our Rock GroupA SecretOxford BagsMy First Girl FriendCarknapping (Steeling Cars)The Great Train RobberyThe Kray TwinsKray’s ImprisonmentMods Scooters, Bikes Bubble CarPete Townhsend Gives Us A lift7 The Bubble CarDr Clarke’s CaseOff To MargateCaught By The PoliceBubble Car Blows UpI Get The SackPlan A Break In8 Canterbury PrisonCanterbury Prison togetherCanterbury Prison in KentHair Style ChangeWhat Sentence Have You Got?Wormwood ScrubsDover Borstal (The Citidal)Borstal BoyElectrical Installation CoursePaternity Suite9 My Release From BorstalMods, Skinheads, Greasers at YarmouthNewquay Here We Come The Beatles Magical Mystery TourOur Holiday A Place of the SunI Am A Waiter At The Gull Rock HotelWe Return Home To AylesburyOur Trip To ShorehamThe History Of The Jews And 1967Pat Jones And The Bully10 Conversion from Crime to ChristA Bad LSD TripDave I Am With YouAll I could Do Was Tell ThemWhy Boast11 What after SalvationEvidence of the New BirthWhat To Do With Stolen Goods Seek To Tell OthersDifference at CollegeI Tell RupertTurning From The worldReligious and none religious persons Kept By The Power And Grace Of God12 What To Do With Stolen GoodsMy Citroen DS CarStolen Mini from Hemel HempsteadReturning The Trolley JackDealing With Sin and TemptationHippies In The ShedThe Shed at Mount Street13 Going to ChurchI Attend Various ChurchesGiving A TestimonyI Am BaptizedMormons and BaptismBaptism In The SpiritThe Christian LifeThe Divine Nature of Jesus ChristPreaching Not Musical EntertainmentGiving My Testimony Every Day The Sabbath DayAuthorized Version of the BibleGiving MoneyDoing The Work Of An EvangelistI was a Hyper-CalvinistDoctrinal SummeryI Hear Dr Martin Lloyd Jones Preach12 Getting a JobActing FoolishlyWorking For SelfDelivered from fire Morgan Sports CarSally The Oil Burning GooseI Find Work In LowestoftI am a Calvinist I Speak To The EldersI Speak At The Factory13 Pentecostal Holiness BiertonFive points of CalvinismWorking for Mr C J Ward and SonCity and Guilds London Institute AwardDr Gill’s Doctrinal DivinityMy Theological TrainingMichael Goes To SpainMy Visit To SpainI Leave The Pentecostal Holiness ChurchA Denial of Imputed RighteousnessScripture Should Guide Us Not FeelingsArminian RighteousnessI Am Made Redundant14 Working for Granada TV RentalsI Am Promoted To Service ManagerMy visit to Northern IrelandI Seek Ian PaisleySuspicious Looking Suit CaseThe Wrong Part of BelfastWe Go To The Reformation ConferenceWe Employ Michael NicholsonI am Poached by C. J Ward and SonVictor Prince the Crombie over coat Contemplation On Divine Predestination15 Bierton Strict and Particular Baptists Distinguishing Doctrines of GraceDenham’s HymnsThe Doctrines of the GospelThis Jesus Had Called MeNot all preaching was goodMiss Ruth EllisMiss Bertha EllisChurch Anniversary ServicesWaddesdon Hill Strict Baptist ChapelBenjamin Keeche’s chapel Barton Le Clay Hope Chapel Meeting Other Christians and FriendsExcessive work and depressionHeavens as Brass.John Newton’s Hymn16 I Join the Bierton ChurchMr Hill of Luton Ebenezer helpsArticles of Religion: The problemA Church Member DiesI Am Introduced To Mr Sperling-TylerA Visitor James from ScotlandThe Law of Moses Television A Concern For ManyNot All Preaching at Bierton Good
A Range of doctrinal differencesI Am Appointed Secretary And CorrespondentChurch Minutes A Cause Of Concern17 Caterham Strict Baptist Holiday I Meet Other Evangelicals Preparation For MarriageRegarding Marriage CounsellingMarriageOur move to LutonOur move to LinslaidThe Isle of Skye Speak To The QuestionCalled Before The EldersSilence Woman These Are GuestsPortree Rev Frazer MacDonaldI was questioned the “free offer”A Return To The Bierton ChurchAngels Come To Help What was All That About?Prevented From Buying A House18 Bierton Gospel Standard Cause 1981Ruth Ellis a Church Member DiesMr Collier, Pastor of LinslaidI Meet Dr Ian Paisley At OxfordRescuing Michael’s Roles Royce 19 A Call to Preach the GospelI Did Not Believe In Bible CollegesWolverhampton PolytechnicAn Ulterior MotiveQuestioned about the Law of MosesMr Hill’s ConclusionSent by the Church to PreachI Preach At Various ChurchesOpposition to Gospel Standard PositionDavid OldhamHats Or Head Coverings For LadiesA Spanking From the Pulpit Is Corporal Punishment Correct ?20 The Papal Visit 1982Our Home In BiertonI write to D.B. an Anglican Vicar21 I Go Fishing For MenA News Paper ReportOut Come Of The MeetingStephen Royce and family at Eaton BrayStephen Added Articles22 The Holy TableTelevision Radio and Cassette RecorderEscorted out of St. Albans AbbeyPlaying “Fantastic tricks”23 Waddesdon Strict Baptist ChapelAssociation of Metropolitan My request turned downTry To Buy the Waddesdon Hill Chapel24 Truth Causes A Division Particular RedemptionSchool Hymn BookA Church Meeting To Resolve The IssueMr King Honourable Dismissal Chairman Comments Upon The SermonThe Holy Table (No idolatry Here)I Preach A Moving Sermon in 1983Mr Collier DiesMr Crane of Lakenheath Requested Help With Article 26I Am Asked To HelpWhat Doth Hinder Me Being BaptizedPaul Rowland Singing of PsalmsLinslaid and Children’s HymnsMeeting Richard BoltPaul Rowland And I Visit John MetcalfThe Shot Gun And Our Pockets SearchedChrist Righteousness Imputed JustificationJustification by BloodMy response to John Metcalfe25 I leave the Bierton ChurchThe Sum and Substance Of The SabbathI Secede from the Bierton ChurchI Preach at HomeI Experience AnxietyA Very Serious Issue OccursI Learn The Sense of Strict CommunionA City Whose Builder And Maker Is GodI Seek a City Leprosy Discovered Restoration Of Communion at BiertonLeprosy Cannot Be CuredChurch meeting 12th June 1984An Address To The ProblemMy Resignation As Secretary Areas of Compromise A Women Pastor At WinslowContention over the Children’s HymnsThe Reverence Of The BuildingCall of AbrahamRecommendationCessation of truthA False View Of A Gospel ChurchConclusionThe Church’s responsibilitySeverance Of Membership Rules26 The Bierton Society of Strict Our Articles of ReligionCustom and Practice27 The Closure of the Bierton ChapelClosure of the ChapelSecession28 News of My Brothers ArrestMichael Unaffected By My ConversionGreat ConcernWomen Elders Warsash Church29 Mission To The PhilippinesI publish Converted On LSD TripCast Net The Other Side Of The Ship.Mission of HelpEnd Of The First MissionNews Reports Of Our MissionCritics SilencedOur Second MissionHelp Requested From The UKHelp from the Chief ChaplainMedical and Psychological ExaminationInterpretation of findings30 My return to the UKThe Closure of the Bierton ChapelMichael’s Death and BurialDeath Row New Bilibid PrisonAssociation of Grace Baptist Churches 31 Michael’s Story ToldSuny Wilson ReleasedWriting Trojan WarriorsTransWorld RadioA Joint Effort We Worked TogetherSending William Poloc to BaguioFunding of the MissionA Decision to stay in the PhilippinesOpposition to our workRecollection of the Bierton CrisisConclusion33 Work Planted in Baguio ContinuesOur Second Trip To Baguio City News from the PhilippinesRegistration Trojan Horse International32 No Rest For The Sole Of My FeetSerious Errors Held Ignorant reply from Unnamed MinisterLetter Minister of Strict Baptist ChurchConclusion to the Response My response to the unnamed ministerI Maintain The Scripture TeachesEschatologyBierton Particular Baptist CollegeOliver CromwellEducation Is The Way ForwardA Note To Prospective TeacherA Note To Prospective StudentsRemaining Members Bierton Church33 Bierton Particular Baptists PakistanMinistersChairman Official MinisterIntroductionArticles of ReligionOur ObjectivesBierton Particular Baptist College Dave Stages Punk Opera An Invitation To Pakistan Fareham’s ‘Borstal Boy’ Borstal Boy’s Visa ProblemsNone Conformist Place of Worship35 The Law and Gospel By F. L. Gosden36 The Law and Gospel, by J.C. Philpot37 Christian And The Mosaic Law38 The Sabbath By Gilbert Beebe 39 Christian Times MagazineChristmas Times Magazine Issue 2My Christmas Message (for this issue)The Bierton CrisisMary Mary Quite ContraryThe ParousiaContact Details