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Introductory Essay to John Owen’s Death of Death in the Death of ChristBOOK 1Chapter 1In general of the end of the death of Christ, as it is in the Scripture proposed.Chapter 2Of the nature of an end in general, and some distinctions about itChapter 3Of the agent or chief author of the work of our redemption, and of the first thing distinctly ascribed to the person of the FatherChapter 4Of those things which in the work of redemption are peculiarly ascribed to the person of the SonChapter 5The peculiar actions of the Holy Spirit in this businessChapter 6The means used by the fore-recounted agents in this workChapter 7Containing reasons to prove the oblation and intercession of Christ to be one entire means respecting the accomplishment of the same proposed end, and to have the same personal objectChapter 8Objections against the former proposal answeredBOOK 2Chapter 1Some previous considerations to a more particular inquiry after the proper end and effect of the death of ChristChapter 2Containing a removal of some mistakes and false assignations of the end of the death of ChristChapter 3More particularly of the immediate end of the death of Christ, with the several ways whereby it is designedChapter 4Of the distinction of impetration and application -- The use and abuse thereof; with the opinion of the adversaries upon the whole matter in controversy unfolded; and the question on both sides stated.Chapter 5Of application and impetrationBOOK 3Chapter 1Chapter 2Containing three other argumentsChapter 3Containing, two other arguments from the person Christ sustained in this businessChapter 4Of sanctification, and of the cause of faith, and the procurement thereof by the death of ChristChapter 5Being a continuance of arguments from the nature and description of the thing in hand; and first, of redemptionChapter 6Of the nature of reconciliation, and the argument taken from thenceChapter 7Of the nature of the satisfaction of Christ, with arguments from thenceChapter 8A digression, containing the substance of an occasional conference concerning the satisfaction of ChristChapter 9Being a second part of the former digression--Arguments to prove the satisfaction of ChristChapter 10Of the merit of Christ, with arguments from thenceChapter 11The last general argumentBOOK 4Chapter 1Things previously to be considered, to the solution of objectionsChapter 2An entrance to the answer unto particular argumentsChapter 3An unfolding of the remaining texts of Scripture produced for the confirmation of the first general argument for universal redemptionChapter 4Answer to the second general argument for the universality of redemptionChapter 5The last argument from Scripture answeredChapter 6An answer to the twentieth chapter of the book entitled, “The Universality of God’s Free Grace,” etc., being a collection of all the arguments used by the author throughout the whole book to prove the universality of redemptionA Body of Doctrinal Divinity in Seven BooksMary, Mary Quite Contrary Second Edition Christ Alone ExaltedThe Cause of God and Truth