Dedication AcknowledgmentsIntroductionForeword by Jose CalidaForeword By Richardo MacalaAuthors Introduction Why Trojan Warriors?Chapter 1 01 Extreme injustice in the Third World02 A 16 year Prison Sentence03 At first I though he deserved it04 Set up by Fr. Shay Cullen05 Money is their God06 Looted by Don Kirk07 A denial of due process08 Martin Cottingham, Adam Holloway09 Entrapment by the British TV Crew10 Bogus clients a Press officer Christian AidChapter 2 11 An Amazing Telephone Call12 Death no respecter of persons13 Is it really true?14 A Foreign Pig15 Sentenced to death16 Several cases of injustice discovered17 Albert’s Prayer to the Pope of Rome18 My murder in the Philippines19 The indirect reply to Albert’s prayer20 When men fail, what can you do? 21 Michael’s letter a change of mind and heart23 One Year On And A Change Takes Place24 The Plan unfolds 25 Dismay Of Some- You Must Keep Quiet26 A Bad Report27 A Good Report28 A Commendation from Prince Charles29 Should I Obey God or ManChapter 3 31 Michael’s Baptism32 Michael Baptized by Rev. Lucas Dangatan 33 A Variety Of Responses34 David’s Press Release35 The First Response36 Priests Seek Paedophile’s Retrial 37 Abused In CustodyChapter 4 38 Where is the Philippines?39 New Bilibid Prison40 An Act Of Revenge41 News from the Philippines42 John Pidden released New Bilibid Prison43 A Clear Case of Entrapment44 Other British men on Death Row45 John Pidden Not The Only One Incarcerated46 News Release47 Mission to Philippines 48 Refuge in FarehamChapter 5 49 Invitation to Preach50 Rev. Joseph Kim51 Foreign and Commonwealth Office52 Michael’s Letter and the Bad news53 Our letter to our Queen54 The Response from Queen Elizabeth II55 Further Correspondent to VIP’sChapter 6 56 Harry Joost and Objections to the Mission57 Alan Atkins’ Article58 Our letters to Fr. Shay Cullen59 Letter One to Shay Cullen60 Elymaus the Sorcerer61 Letter two To Shay Cullen62 Letter Three Michael’s Letter63 I write to the Editor Immigration Today 64 My response to Harry Joost to Alan Atkins’ Chapter 7 65 We were amazed66 Not one man or women67 Olga Robertson68 Lucas P. Dangatan69 Lucas Baptises Michael70 The Teacher Training College 72 Official Opening of the Mission Office73 Riots on Death Row74 Quote from Olga Robertson 75 A Visit to the Prison76 Our Vision for Reform77 Hon. Director Macala Ret/Col. 78 We pray for the Director and his Staff79 Our Prayer80 Fr. Shay Cullen letter of SlanderChapter 8 81 Trojan Horse Mission to the Philippines82 Ministerial Mission Complete83 Press ReleaseChapter 9 Trojan Warriors 01 Inmate: Alfredo R. Nardo02 Inmate: Anthony C. Dolin03 Inmate: Antonio B. Simolata04 Inmate: Antonio Satioquia05 Inmate: Arel Espina06 Inmate: Arnel Macafe07 Inmate: Arulfo A. Aure08 Inmate: Art Pangilinan09 Inmate: Basilio B. Malarbob10 Inmate: Blessie A. Velasco11 Inmate: Bobby S. Delacruz12 Inmate: Bonfilo Martinez13 Inmate: Carlito Andranda Y. Mateo14 Inmate: Celso Daluz15 Inmate: Christopher O. Iglea16 Danny Dela Cruz17 Inmate: Danny H. Moreno18 Inmate: Edwin Detabali Tubiera19 Inmate: Dominador F. Emroy20 Inmate: Domingo E. Lucag21 Inmate: Eddie Sernadilla22 Inmate: Edgar R. Vargas23 Inmate: Edison B. Quilantang24 Inmate: Elmer B. Garcia25 Inmate: Enrico “Red” Dizon26 Inmate: Ernesto M. Ibias27 Inmate: Fernando Gujar28 Inmate: Garry S. Rosales Jr29 Inmate: Gerry O. Cave30 Inmate: Hector R. Maqueda31 Inmate James Bond O. Bucala32 Inmate: Jeremey Nestor Dolorosa33 Inmate: Jose C. Bangcado34 Inmate: Jose M. Franco35 Inmate: Leonito T. Baquiran36 Trojan Warrior: Leo B. Cabug37 Inmate: Manuel B. Gano Jr.38 Inmate: Manuel F Atadero Jr39 Inmate: Marcial L. Llanto Jr.40 Inmate Pastor: Mario E. Lazaga Jr.41 Inmate: Michael John Clarke42 Inmate: Moises M. Maspil Jr43 Inmate: Nilo C. Ardon44 Inmate: Norberto Del Mundo45 Inmate: Pablo L. Estacio, Jr.47 Inmate: Palmero M. Carcha Jr.49 Inmate: Richard E. Ong50 Inmate: Roberto V. Romero51 Inmate: Rogie D. Candelari52 Inmate: Rolando Pagadayawan53 Inmate: Romeo M. Ibay, Jr.54 Inmate: Romeo R. Orio55 Inmate: Rommel Deang56 Inmate: Ruben N. Boquilla57 Inmate: Rudy Hugo58 Inmate: Rufo M. Llenarizas Jr.59 Inmate: Sales C. Adic60 Inmate: Sergio C. Jorolan61 Inmate: Teddoro Laot62 Inmate William O. Poloc63 Inmate: Winnie M Gocoyo64 Inmate : Zoila A. Ama65 Inmate: Jammie Jacob66 Inmate: Domingo B. Alacdis67 Inmate: Charles BancalChapter 10 89 Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah90 Introducing Bishop Abel B.Forto 91 Volcano Pinatobo Erupts92 Our visit to Angeles City Hall93 Our visit Angeles City Jail94 We visit the small out reach Churches95 Angeles City Jail 14 th August 200296 We delight in the responseChapter 1197 An office obtained98 Paradise Express back in Business99 Function of the Office100 Our further vision101 Testimonies 102 Executive Clemency103 Visiting England while on Parole104 Help Line for Ladies105 News Letters106 The Invasion107 International Operations108 The Ships Redeemer and Procyon109 Mexico and Spain110 Bringing the Redeemer to Portsmouth111 Job opportunities112 Pen Pals113 Ceremonial Opening114 Invitation to the President115 Presidential Response116 Sending Men on Mission work117 His function 118 His Mission119 Field Manual120 Prayer request121 The Trojan Warrior (Tract)122 Objectives123 The vision for the future124 A Trojan Horse WeddingChapter 12125 Our Appeal to the President 126 Stop Press (last week in August)127 Inmate Alfredo R. Nardo. His Testimony128 The Mayor teaching the gospel to129 The Lethal Injection Chamber130 Michael John Clarke 131 Membership Application Chapter 13 132 I write with a suggestion133 This is my letter sent to Raymond134 Inmate Raymond Dolfo Testimony135 Letter from Andy Dolan 136 Letter from Raymond B. Dolfo137 ConclusionsChapter 14 138 Rev. Rev. Samuel and Jocelyn Vercina139 Prayer Mountain140 A tragedy for Olongapo City141 Five Orphaned ChildrenAppendiesAppendix 01 The National Bureau of Investigation Appendix 02 Chance of a lifetimeAppendix 03 Blessed Lord 50Appendix 04 The men in my lifeAppendix 05. Trojan Horse International Appendix 06 Plans For the Ship RedeemerAppendix 07 Foreigners on Hunger StrikeAppendix 08 Lucas P. Dangatan Hon. PresidentAppendix 09 Trojan Horse OfficersAppendix 10 Teachers and TrainersAppendix 11 Teacher Training AssistantsAppendix 12 Michael and Fe’s Marriage CertificateAppendix 14 The Biblical View of MarriageAppendix 15 Shay CullenAppendix 16 Captain Alastair Sutherland Appendix 17 Michael’s AdvertisingAppendix 18 Organisations we supportAppendix 19 Imminent plansAppendix 20 Isagani M.Obispo. Jr.Appendix 22 Sister Claudette StaplesAppendix 21 Michael’s LetterAppendix 23 David’s letter Appendix 24 URGENT letter to NBIAppendix 25 Letter from Michael J. Clarke Appendix 26 The Story of The RedeemerAppendix 27 Alfredo Nardo Hand written testimonyAppendix 28 Trojan Horse InternationalFURTHER PUBLICATIONSTHE CITY OF GOD A BODY OF DOCTRINAL DIVINITY BOOK 1A BODY OF DOCTRINAL DIVINITY II, III,IVA BODY OF DOCTRINAL DIVINITY, V, VI.A BODY OF DOCTRINAL DIVINITY, BOOK VII.A BODY OF PRACTICAL DIVINITY , BOOK I, II.A BODY OF PRACTICAL DIVINITY , III, IV, V.THE CAUSE OF GOD AND TRUTH, PART 1THE CAUSE OF GOD AND TRUTH, PART IITHE CAUSE OF GOD AND TRUTH PART III.THE CAUSE OF GOD AND TRUTH, PART IVDR JOHN GILLS SERMONSCHRIST ALONE EXALTEDWILLIAM GADSBYJOHN WARBURTONMEMORIALS OF THE MERCIES OF A COVENANT GODGOD’S OPERATIONS OF GRACE BUT NOT OFFERS OF HIS GRACETHE CERTAIN EFFICACY OF THE DEATH OF CHRIST, ASSERTEDWILLIAM HUNTINGTON VOLUME 1DIFFICULTIES ASSOCIATED WITH ARTICLES OF RELIGION Among Particular BaptistsTHE WEST AND THE QURANMARY, MARY QUITE CONTRARY THE CONFESSIONS OF ST. AUGUSTINETHE BONDAGE OF THE WILLTHE PAROUSIA 2ND EDITIONWHO IS THIS BABYLONBEFORE JERUSALEM FELLWHAT HAPPENED IN A.D. 70FINAL DECADE BEFORE THE ENDJOSEPHUS: THE WARS OF THE JEW HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH VOLUME 1 PAPIAS AND HIS CONTEMPORARIES