A true storyFirst Published in The PhilippinesISBN: 978150857489Second EditionDedicationOriginal Cover Design Michael John ClarkePhilippinesAcknowledgmentsIntroductionForeword by Jose CalidaForeword By Richardo MacalaAuthors IntroductionWhy Trojan Warriors?Chapter 1A 16 year Prison SentenceAt first I though he deserved itSet up by Fr. Shay CullenMoney is their GodLooted by Don KirkA denial of due processMartin Cottingham, Adam HollowayEntrapment by the British TV CrewBogus clients a Press officer Christian AidChapter 2Death no respecter of personsSuny WilsonIs it really true?A Foreign PigSentenced to deathSeveral cases of injustice discoveredAlbert’s Prayer to the Pope of RomeMy murder in the PhilippinesThe indirect reply to Albert’s prayerWhen men fail, what can you do?Michael’s letter a change of mind and heartOne Year On And A Change Takes PlaceThe Plan unfoldsThe News Saturday, August 12, 2000Dismay Of Some- You Must Keep QuietA Bad ReportConverted On LSD TripA Good ReportA Commendation from Prince CharlesShould I Obey God or ManChapter 3Michael’s BaptismMichael Baptized by Rev. Lucas DangatanA Variety Of ResponsesDavid’s Press ReleaseThe First ResponsePriests Seek Paedophile’s RetrialAbused In CustodyChapter 4Where is the Philippines?An Act Of RevengeNews from the PhilippinesJohn Pidden released New Bilibid PrisonA Clear Case of EntrapmentOther British men on Death RowJohn Pidden Not The Only One IncarceratedNews ReleaseMission to PhilippinesRefuge in FarehamChapter 5The InvitationRev. Joseph KimForeign and Commonwealth OfficeMichael’s Letter and the Bad newsOur letter to our QueenFurther Correspondent to VIP’sOur letter to the Office of Foreign AffairsChapter 6Harry Joost and Objections to the MissionAlan Atkins’ ArticleOur letters to Fr. Shay CullenLetter One to Shay CullenElymaus the SorcererLetter two To Shay CullenLetter Three Michael’s LetterI write to the Editor Immigration TodayChapter 7We were amazedNot one man or womenOlga RobertsonLucas P. DangatanLucas Baptises MichaelThe Teacher Training CollegeOfficial Opening of the Mission OfficeRiots on Death RowQuote from Olga RobertsonA Visit to the PrisonOur Vision for ReformHon. Director Macala Ret/Col.We pray for the Director and his StaffOur PrayerFr. Shay Cullen letter of SlanderChapter 8Trojan Horse Mission to the Philippines82 Ministerial Mission Complete83 Press ReleaseChapter 9 Trojan WarriorsInmate: Anthony C. DolinThe FamilyConversionMy ChildrenTraining in the WildernessDegree AwardThe Interview BoardReflection of the PastInmate: Antonio B. SimolataInmate: Arel EspinaInmate: Arnel MacafeInmate: Arulfo A. AureInmate: Art PangilinanInmate: Basilio B. MalarbobLord Pardon Me12 Inmate: Bonfilo MartinezInmate: Carlito Andranda Y. MateoInmate: Celso DaluzInmate: Christopher O. IgleaDanny Dela CruzInmate: Danny H. MorenoInmate: Dominador F. EmroyInmate: Domingo E. LucagInmate: Eddie SernadillaInmate: Edgar R. VargasInmate: Edison B. QuilantangInmate: Elmer B. GarciaInmate: Enrico “Red” DizonSummary of InformationPart 2Inmate: Ernesto M. IbiasInmate: Fernando GujarInmate: Garry S. Rosales JrInmate: Gerry O. CaveInmate: Hector R. MaquedaCalvinistic ViewsInmate James Bond O. BucalaInmate: Jeremey Nestor DolorosaInmate: Jose C. BangcadoInmate: Jose M. FrancoInmate: Leonito T. BaquiranTrojan Warrior: Leo B. CabugInmate: Manuel B. Gano Jr.40 Inmate Pastor: Mario E. Lazaga Jr.41 Inmate: Michael John ClarkeInmate: Moises M. Maspil JrInmate: Nilo C. ArdonInmate: Norberto Del MundoInmate: Pablo L. Estacio, Jr.47 Inmate: Palmero M. Carcha Jr.Inmate: Richard E. OngInmate: Roberto V. RomeroInmate: Rogie D. CandelariInmate: Rolando PagadayawanInmate: Romeo M. Ibay, Jr.55 Inmate: Rommel Deang56 Inmate: Ruben N. Boquilla57 Inmate: Rudy Hugo58 Inmate: Rufo M. Llenarizas Jr.Inmate: Sales C. AdicInmate: Sergio C. Jorolan62 Inmate William O. Poloc63 Inmate: Winnie M Gocoyo64 Inmate : Zoila A. Ama65 Inmate: Jammie Jacob66 Inmate: Domingo B. Alacdis67 Inmate: Charles BancalChapter 10Cities of Sodom and GomorrahIntroducing Bishop Abel B.FortoVolcano Pinatobo EruptsOur visit to Angeles City HallOur visit Angeles City JailWe visit the small out reach ChurchesWe delight in the responseChapter 11An office obtainedParadise Express back in BusinessFunction of the OfficeOur further visionTestimoniesExecutive ClemencyVisiting England while on ParoleHelp Line for LadiesNews LettersThe InvasionInternational OperationsThe Ships Redeemer and ProcyonMexico and SpainBringing the Redeemer to PortsmouthJob opportunitiesPen PalsCeremonial OpeningInvitation to the PresidentPresidential ResponseSending Men on Mission workHis functionHis MissionField ManualPrayer requestObjectivesThe Book CoverNew Bilibid PrisonSchool EnrolmentHead OfficeAdditional InformationThe vision for the futureThe InvasionA Trojan Horse WeddingChapter 12Cordial InvitationInmate Alfredo R. Nardo. His TestimonyThe Mayor teaching the gospel toThe Lethal Injection ChamberMichael testifying to Inmates On Death RowEncouraging men on Death RowInmates Impression of the “Death Bed”. Draw by a Trojan WarriorMembership ApplicationTop of FormChapter 13I write with a suggestionThis is my letter sent to RaymondInmate Raymond Dolfo TestimonyLetter from Andy DolanLetter from Raymond B. DolfoConclusionsChapter 14Rev. Rev. Samuel and Jocelyn VercinaPrayer MountainPrayer MountainA tragedy for Olongapo CityFive Orphaned ChildrenAppendix 01 The National Bureau of InvestigationDISPOSITION FORM:Appendix 02 Chance of a lifetimeNote from the authorAppendix 04 The men in my lifeAppendix 05. Trojan Horse InternationalThe Motor VessalsHelp offered to all walks of lifeOpen Access – none excludedWorking with all local authoritiesInternational visionAppendix 09 Trojan Horse OfficersAppendix 11 Teacher Training AssistantsAppendix 14 The Biblical View of MarriagePromoting MarriageGani’s Old LifeMy younger daysFURTHER PUBLICATIONSTHE CITY OF GODAugustine of HippoA BODY OF DOCTRINAL DIVINITY BOOK 1A System of Practical TruthsA BODY OF DOCTRINAL DIVINITY II, III,IVThe contents of Book II treats the subject of Of The Acts and WorksBook III treats the subjects Of The External Works Of God.Contents Book IV.Table of Contents Book VA BODY OF DOCTRINAL DIVINITY, V, VI.A System OF Practical TruthsDr. John Gill D.D.Book VIA BODY OF DOCTRINAL DIVINITY, BOOK VII.Dr John Gill DD.ContentsA BODY OF PRACTICAL DIVINITY , BOOK I, II.Dr John Gill D.D.ContentsBook II Of External Worship, As PublicA BODY OF PRACTICAL DIVINITY , III, IV, V.Dr John Gill D.D.Book IIIBook VTHE CAUSE OF GOD AND TRUTH, PART 1Dr John Gill D.D.THE CAUSE OF GOD AND TRUTH, PART IIDr John Gill D.D.THE CAUSE OF GOD AND TRUTH PART III.Dr John Gill D.D.THE CAUSE OF GOD AND TRUTH, PART IVDr John Gill D.D.DR JOHN GILLS SERMONSDr. John Gill D.D.CHRIST ALONE EXALTEDDr Tobias Crisp D.D.WILLIAM GADSBYWilliam GadsbyJOHN WARBURTONJohn WarburtonMEMORIALS OF THE MERCIES OF A COVENANT GODJohn KershawGOD’S OPERATIONS OF GRACE BUT NOT OFFERS OF HIS GRACEJoseph HusseyTHE CERTAIN EFFICACY OF THE DEATH OF CHRIST, ASSERTEDJohn BrineWILLIAM HUNTINGTON VOLUME 1William Huntington S.S.DIFFICULTIES ASSOCIATED WITH ARTICLES OF RELIGIONDavid ClarkeIsaiah 52:8 Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice; with the voice together shall they sing: for they shall see eye to eye, when the LORD shall bring again Zion.THE WEST AND THE QURANDavid Clarke, and Abdullah Yusuf AliMARY, MARY QUITE CONTRARYMr David Clarke Cert ETHE CONFESSIONS OF ST. AUGUSTINEAugustine Of HippoTHE BONDAGE OF THE WILLMartin Luther DDTHE PAROUSIA 2ND EDITIONJames Stuart RussellWHO IS THIS BABYLONDon K. PrestonBEFORE JERUSALEM FELLKenneth GentryWHAT HAPPENED IN A.D. 70Edward E.StevensFINAL DECADE BEFORE THE ENDEdward E. StevensJOSEPHUS: THE WARS OF THE JEWTitus Flavius JosephusHISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH VOLUME 1Philip SchaffPAPIAS AND HIS CONTEMPORARIESEdward Hall