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INTRODUCTIONThe importance of the question discussed in this volume. The Bible as a Factor of Civilization. The Bible in the English Tongue. This Raises Some Serious Questions. The Bible as a Factor of CivilizationThe Bible in English Chapter I The several English Versions. The occasion for the R. V. The widely recognized need for a Re vision. The demand was not for a new Version, but for a revision of the A. V. The state of the original Text. The many Greek Texts of the N. T. Only one Hebrew TeThe Several Versions The Occasion For The R. V. The Present SituationThe Original Text The Revision Committee Not Instructed to Fashion?- a New Geeek Text As Regards the Work op Translation The Hebrew Text of the Old Testament Chapter II The Various Greek Texts The Various Editions of the Greek Text. That of Stephens of 1850. The Elzevir or Texttis Be ceptus, Griesbach’s Text. Lachmann led in a new direction, followed by Tischendorf and Tregelles. Tisehendorf and the Mt. Sinai Ms. The principle of “Ancient EvideStephens (A. D. 1550) Elzevir or “Textus Receptus” (1624) Geiesbaoh’s Edition (1805) Lachmann (1842-1850) TISCHENDORF (1865-1872) Tregelles Alford Chapter III The Ancient Codices. The Vatican Codex and the Sinaitic Chapter IV Characteristics of the Two Oldest Manuscripts Characteristics of the two oldest Mss. The many series of corrections to which the Codex Sinai tieus has been subjected. What they prove. e work of an incompetent Scribe. The number and nature of the differences between these two ancient Copies and the The Many Corrections of the Sinaitic Ms. The Work of an Incompetent Scribe The Number and Kinds of Differences SUMMARY Chapter V The Principle of, “Ancient Evidence Only” Examined The principle of “Ancient Evidence Only” examined. Divine Safeguards to the Sacred Text. The Evidential Value of latex Mss. Errors of Omission. An illustrative test of the compara tive values of the earlier and the later Mss. The strength of the case for Divine Safeguaeds to the Text The Value op Comparatively Late Mss. A Test of the Principle op “Ancient Evidence” The Strength of the Case in Favor of The Received Text Chaptee VI The Procedure of the Revision Committee The Insteuctions Given Them and How They Were Careied Out — No Authority Given to Fashion a New Greek Text — How Their Sanction Was Seemingly Given to the Westcott and Hort Text. The Procedure of the Revisiost Committee Chapter VIIThe Last Twelve Verses of Mark The Angelic Message (Luke 2 : 14) Specific Examples of Textual Corruption. The last 12 Verses of Mark. The Angelic Message. The Lord ‘s Agony, and His Prayer on the Cross. “The Mystery of Godliness.” Other important passages affected. The Lord’s Agony in the Garden and His Prayer for His Murderers To Save That Which Was Lost Petek Walking on the Sea The Mysteey of Godliness From that reply we extract the following : The Omission of Mark 6 : 11 ‘’Bless Them That Curse You’’ (Matt. 5:44) “Father Foegive Them” “And Am Known op Mine” Chapter VIII Changes in Translation Changes in- Translation. The leaning towards greater literality not an improvement. Thou sands of uncalled-for changes — “mostly for the worse. Concerning 2 Timothy 3:16. The Version of 1911. Its value as a witness. Dr. Alexander Carson Examples of Changes in Translation Paul Before King Ageippa Concerning 2 Timothy 3 : 16 The Testimony of the Veesion of 1911 Chaptee IX The Use Made of the Margin in the R. V. The strange uses made of the Margin in the R. V. The Name “Jesus.” *’ Thine is the King dom.” “The Son of God.” “Which is in Heaven.” “The Number of a Man.” The Island of Melita.Examples op Vagabies in Maeginal Notes “Thine is the Kingdom” “The Son of God” “Where Their Worm Dieth Not’’ ‘’Which is in Heaven” “The Number of a Man” The Island of Melita Chapter X The Theory of Westcott and Hort Upon Which “The New Greek Text” Was Constructed The Theory of Drs. Westcott and Hort. Many Assumptions, but no proof. The Received Text traced back to the 2d Century by means of Ver sions and Quotations. No proof at all of any earlier Text. Bishop EUicott in Defence of the R. V. A comparison as to stylBishop Ellicott’s Defence of the R. V. — The Conclusion of the Matter Bisiaop Ellicott in Defence A Comparison As To Style ConclusionFURTHER PUBLICATIONSA Body Of Doctrinal Divinity Book 1Bierton Strict And Particular Baptists Includeing The Bierton ChrisisBy David ClarkeThe Cause of God And Truth, Part 1The Cause of God And Truth, Part IIDr John Gills SermonsChrist Alone ExaltedWilliam GadsbyJohn WarbertonMemorials Of The Mercies OF A Covenant GodGod’s Operations Of Grace but Not Offers Of His GraceThe Certain Efficacy of The Death Of Christ, AssertedDifficulties AssociatedAmong Particular BaptistsThe West And The QuranMary, Mary Quite Contrary Trojan WarriorsThe Parousia 2nd EditionThe Bondage Of The WilOn The Enslaved Will Authored by Martin Luther DDWho Is This BabylonJosephus: The Wars Of The JewsThe Book Of Books The Real Best Seller